I am a writer and photographer from the UK, currently in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In 2018, I graduated with a Masters in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. Prior to that, I took a degree in English Literature and worked as a freelance writer based in Shanghai.

In my photography work, I’m drawn to stories that challenge perceptions about particular subjects and those that are not often spotlighted in the news. In May 2016, I travelled with a group of blind and visually impaired dancers across Mexico and started Dancers in the Dark, a series exploring the therapeutic work of Psicoballet instructor Lorena Nieva. My recent work is about female de-miners working with The HALO Trust in Nagorno Karabakh.

I also write for The British Journal of Photography, Huck Magazine and LensCulture.

evaclifford@hotmail.co.uk | Instagram: @evamarcelle


Selected articles 

The forgotten housing estate that was once a Soviet utopia‘ – Interview with Arne Piepke and Ingmar Björn Nolting (Huck, June 2018)

A surreal look at the human cost of conflict‘ – Interview with Teona Gogichaishvili (Huck, May 2018)

Images that reveal the untold stories of the South Caucasus‘ – Interview with Chai Khana (Huck, May 2018)

The changing face of Georgia, captured in photos‘ – Interview with Daro Sulakauri (Huck, May 2018)

Capturing the reality of war from behind the front lines‘ – Interview with Meinrad Schade (Huck, May 2018)

Arko Datto’s study of the Indian pik-nik phenomenon‘ – Interview with Arko Datto (BJP, April 2018)

Chloe Dewe Mathews goes In Search of Frankenstein in the Swiss Alps‘ – Interview with Chloe Dewe Mathews (BJP, April 2018)

Memory and dreams in Portugal’s Beira Interior‘ – Interview with Tito Mouraz (BJP, March 2018)

Shedding light on the threat of large-scale mining in the Ecuadorian Amazon‘ – Interview with Nicola Ókin Frioli (BJP, March 2018)

Good Sick – Jordan Baumgarten’s local vision of a national opioid crisis‘ – Interview with Jordan Baumgarten (BJP, March 2018)

A Lifetime of Wandering – Arlene Gottfried’ – Interview with Daniel Cooney (BJP, March 2018)

Philip Jones Griffiths retrospective‘ – Interview with Hannah Watson (BJP, March 2018)

Refugees facing freezing conditions in Paris‘ – Interview with Michael Bunel (BJP, February 2018)

War is Only Half the Story on the lingering impact of conflict‘ – Interview with Sara Terry (BJP, February 2018)

Celebrating the seaside at the National Maritime Museum’ – Interview with David Hurn, Simon Roberts and Martin Parr (BJP, February 2018)

Going from Town to Town across the UK, Niall McDiarmid makes a portrait of a place’ – Interview with Niall McDiarmid (BJP, January 2018)

A hallucinatory take on wild desert beauty in Chloe Sells’ book Flamingo’ – Interview with Chloe Sells (BJP, January 2018)

Peter Dench travels the length of Britain up the A1’ – Interview with Peter Dench (BJP, January 2018)

A Polaroid for a Refugee‘ – Interview with Giovanna del Sarto (LensCulture, June 2017)

The Desire to be Perfect in a Russian Ballet Academy‘ – Interview with Rachel Papo (Feature Shoot, October 2016)

Capturing a Feeling of Melancholy in Georgia‘ – Interview with Christian Bobst (Feature Shoot, October 2016)

Men, Mountains and the Sea’ – Interview with Rony Zakaria (LensCulture, September 2016)

Tundra Kids: Inside Russia’s Indigenous Boarding Schools’ – Interview with Ikuru Kuwajima (LensCulture, September 2016)

The Patchwork of Hope and Fear in Afghanistan‘ – Interview with Paula Bronstein (Feature Shoot, September 2016)

The Stories of Hope and Reconciliation in Rwanda‘ – Interview with Lana Mesic (Feature Shoot, September 2016)

Young Nomads: Child Horsemen of the Mongolian Plains’ – Interview with Chiara Luxardo (LensCulture, August 2016)

Amazon Days, Amazon Dreams’ – Interview with Lena Mucha (LensCulture, July 2016)

An Intimate Look Inside Israel’s Only Women’s Prison‘ – Interview with Tomer Ifrah (Feature Shoot, January 2016)