photo: giovanna del sarto

photo © giovanna del sarto

I am a writer and photographer from the UK, currently based in London.

After graduating from Roehampton University with a degree in English Literature, I spent a year living in Shanghai working primarily as a writer. Later, I went on to do an MA in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication.

As well as working on my own personal projects, I write for The British Journal of Photography, Feature Shoot and LensCulture.

In my photography work, I’m interested in projects that challenge people’s perceptions about particular subjects. In May 2016, I travelled with a group of blind and visually impaired dancers across Mexico and started Dancers in the Dark, a series exploring the therapeutic work of Psicoballet instructor Lorena Nieva. Currently, I’m preparing for a new project about female de-miners in Nagorno-Karabakh.

evaclifford@hotmail.co.uk | Instagram: @evamarcelle | WordPress: evaclifford.wordpress.com


Selected articles 

War is Only Half the Story on the lingering impact of conflict‘ – Interview with Sara Terry (BJP, February 2018)

Celebrating the seaside at the National Maritime Museum’ – Interview with David Hurn, Simon Roberts and Martin Parr (BJP, February 2018)

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A hallucinatory take on wild desert beauty in Chloe Sells’ book Flamingo’ – Interview with Chloe Sells (BJP, January 2018)

Photography, motherhood and time in Lisa Creagh’s Holding Time’ – Interview with Lisa Creagh (BJP, January 2018)

Peter Dench travels the length of Britain up the A1’ – Interview with Peter Dench (BJP, January 2018)

A Polaroid for a Refugee‘ – Interview with Giovanna del Sarto (LensCulture, June 2017)

The Desire to be Perfect in a Russian Ballet Academy‘ – Interview with Rachel Papo (Feature Shoot, October 2016)

Capturing a Feeling of Melancholy in Georgia‘ – Interview with Christian Bobst (Feature Shoot, October 2016)

Men, Mountains and the Sea’ – Interview with Rony Zakaria (LensCulture, September 2016)

Tundra Kids: Inside Russia’s Indigenous Boarding Schools’ – Interview with Ikuru Kuwajima (LensCulture, September 2016)

The Patchwork of Hope and Fear in Afghanistan‘ – Interview with Paula Bronstein (Feature Shoot, September 2016)

The Stories of Hope and Reconciliation in Rwanda‘ – Interview with Lana Mesic (Feature Shoot, September 2016)

Young Nomads: Child Horsemen of the Mongolian Plains’ – Interview with Chiara Luxardo (LensCulture, August 2016)

Amazon Days, Amazon Dreams’ – Interview with Lena Mucha (LensCulture, July 2016)

An Intimate Look Inside Israel’s Only Women’s Prison‘ – Interview with Tomer Ifrah (Feature Shoot, January 2016)